iKure Career Opportunity

Explore the opportunities at iKure

Our employees are our most valuable resources and we provide them with the platform to foster their professional and personal growth in alignment with the growth of our organization. We encourage experimentation and innovation and hence, provide a seamless platform which has no barriers for sharing of new ideas and concepts. iKure’s secret of success is a synergy of the expertise of stalwarts, strength of its vibrancy of youth–energy. The qualities that we look for in our employees are:

  • Performance with passion
  • Excel with integrity
  • Focus on innovation
  • Positive Attitude

All it takes to be in iKure is an open mind, courage to sustain, passion to succeed and strength to accept challenges.

How it is to work at iKure ?

iKure nurtures the interest of every individual to build a healthy environment at iKure. For example, it creates enriching working experience that is directly proportional to the growth of the individual in the organization. It builds policies to safeguard the interest of its member and allows spontaneous growth within the organization.

We encourage open communication between the management and the employees as we realize that the people who can do a job are the ones who are best equipped to do it better. Hence we at iKure believe in ideation from the employees themselves.

We trust and respect the value of our employees and connect with them in a way that helps them respond with commitment and enthusiasm. We bond with employees through various team engagement activities like team outing etc. The kind of differences it brings to our company is immeasurable. They give their 100% in solving problems, addresses key challenges with innovative ideas and contributes largely towards achieving organizational goals.

We have outstanding opportunities for individuals that thrive on exuberant passion to serve and excel. Come be a part of iKure today.