Mission & Vision

Our mission is to improve the quality of health for India’s poor through value-driven comprehensive health care solutions. iKure applies a unique combination of technology innovation, skills training and capacity building to create an affordable, accessible & sustainable health care model that impacts rural life upto the last mile. iKure’s model is centered around trained community health workers, making our model effective and relevant to the needs of the communities. We aim to impart clinical and technical training to Community Health Workers for high quality and continuous care, while generating livelihood through skills training and capacity building.

iKure’s vision is to bridge the gap between the urban-rural disparity in healthcare delivery and reduce the inequity in accessing quality healthcare in rural India. At iKure, we aim to serve the country’s rural population through effective, quality, and affordable health care services. We not only aim to solve the existing health issues of a community but also strive to eradicate the problems from the roots through convergent innovations and collaborations with various stakeholders.

We aim to impact 10 million lives, living in the marginalized sections of the society by 2020. We are committed to our vision of providing affordable and accessible healthcare in rural remote terrains across India and abroad and towards this, we intend to reinvest at least 50% of profits back into iKure towards achieving our mission.


  • Creating a conducive ecosystem through partnership with various stakeholders for providing affordable and accessible healthcare to the marginalized sections of the society.
  • Improve access to quality primary healthcare up to the last mile.
  • Create a network of technology enabled Hub and Spoke Healthcare Delivery System across the length and breadth of rural India.
  • Provide continued service delivery excellence through cutting edge technology.
  • Generate livelihood through capacity building and skills training programs
  • Enable remote monitoring of patients using our critically acclaimed software, WHIMS.
  • We aim to not only solve the current health problems but also provide preventive care through technology and data analytics.

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