Using the power of cloud-computing, iKure has developed a medical-collaboration platform called WHIMS. Integrated with basic medical equipment like Sphygmomanometer, ECG, Glucometer, etc., WHIMS carried along smart phone devices by health workers captures vitals of the patients. The system has been designed which is simple & easy to use & can be used at the last mile even at places where there is no internet or electricity Once the health workers enter the internet zone, these data are shared cross network of doctors to provide consultation to remote patients.

The cloud based technology platform is implemented in iKure’s core healthcare model. iKure as it operates through hub and spoke clinic set up, its network of hub clinics are connected with spokes via WHIMS. The technology integration enables doctor/health-workers in remote areas to provide consultation and escalation of critical patients. WHIMS also helps to track the location of iKure’s trained health workers. If patients make an emergency call, then based on the location of the health workers they are quickly mobilized where they are needed. iKure has included different health care survey forms that are incorporated and digitalized using the android platform.

Read More: About WHIMS

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