iKure introduces country’s first ever digital health cards

iKure introduces country’s first ever digital health cards for poultry federation members in Torpa, Jharkhand. The beneficiaries of the project gets access to digitized health cards encrypted with QR code. The service provider or the Community Health Worker is given a smart phone through which details pertaining to each patient data are updated and validated using a Biometric Scan. This ensures technology aided data collection and authenticity up to the last mile.

Patients availing the health card get the following benefits:

  • Free health check-up/ consultation
  • 15 to 20% discounts on prescribed medicine
  • Avail special package in case of seasonal diseases like malaria & typhoid through iKure health expert’s panel.
  • 10% discount on all pathological test.
  • Avail discounts on various services & products introduced from time to time, ex: eye glasses etc.

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