iKure-Essilor Partnership Enables Access To Accredited Eye Care In Rural Bengal

Programme Objective

Facilitating affordable, accessible and accredited eye care up to last mile rural population in 4 districts of West Bengal is the objective behind iKure-Essilor-NVG partnership. The partnership supports Essilor’s “2.5 New Vision Generation”, aimed at bringing vision care to the doorstep of people in rural and semi-urban areas.

Programme Overview

With 133 million people blind or vision impaired due to the lack of an eye examination and provision of an appropriate pair of spectacles, eye care in rural India is still a challenge.

Recognizing the gap, iKure-Essilor partnership provides accessible and affordable eye care up to the last mile, enabling people in remote areas to have access to specialized eye care facilities within the community.

To tap the remote rural residents, iKure deploying mobile vans equipped with fitting instruments screens patients on the spot and distribute low costs spectacles within minutes after screening.

As part of the collaboration, regular eye camps and specialised camps are held that are attended by certified ophthalmologists from across India.

Further using WHIMS, iKure provides real time remote monitoring and consultation. Deploying community health workers that capture data using WHIMS transmit patient information quickly and refer and escalate patients to urban hospitals anytime, anywhere for specialised eye care.

iKure medical team conducts community mobilization and health awareness camps where iKure CHW interact one-to-one to sensitize the patients on critical eye issues. The CHW counsels them to seek institutional care and brings patients to the hub. These CHWs also get to earn livelihood through the sale of eye glasses. iKure’s holistic approach is bringing significant improvement in detection, diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring eye health issues in rural India.

iKure is working with several organisations such as Association of Community Ophthalmologists in India (ACOINS) mandated by WHO to screen and prevent eye diseases, and develop ophthalmology module. iKure in partnership with Orissa Cement Plant (OCL) provides eye care as part of CSR intervention.

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