Tap in the growing business opportunity in rural market through iKure’s supply chain

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Contributor: Dr. Tirumala Santra Mandal

Globally, effective supply chain management has gained competitive advantage for companies across sectors. As its significance has gained huge popularity recently, it has become imperative for leading organisations to evolve strategic approaches to manage their supply chain processes. iKure offers great business proposition for effective supply chain in the rural market.

Opportunities and Challenges in Rural Market

Today’s India’s rural market is witnessing an splurge of business opportunities that are uprising with increasing rise in income capability of the villagers, literacy, changing behaviour, and demand for goods for improving lifestyles. With stiff competition and saturation in urban India, today’s businesses across unorganised and organised sectors are adopting newer strategies for targeting the rural consumers in a big way.

Leveraging the growing potential of the rural market requires strong supply chain mechanisms to manage businesses, costs, sales, distribution and ensure products and supplies are readily available even up to the last mile.

Our Solution

With growing opportunities, rural market is also constrained by logistic challenges. Logistics in rural settings are constrained by lack of real‐time visibility of inventory and demand across the network. Together, increpit infrastructure, poor road, long delivery lead times, major information delay and manual delivery mechanism operate without deep visibility of the supply channel.

iKure pioneers mobile and cloud computing in rural healthcare delivery. Leveraging our technological capability WHIMS, we would assist businesses to develop strong supply chain to minimize cost, coverage, responsiveness and availability of products and services at the last mile.

Technological Capability of WHIMS

iKure’s main accomplishment is a software called ‘Wireless Health Incident Monitoring System-WHIMS that encompasses everything in terms of sending, receiving and cataloguing supplies, distribution and other information related to effective supply chain. WHIMS is supported with the following features:

  • Cloud based platform: iKure uses a cloud based platform, through which information is accessible by authorized personnel from anywhere, as and when required.
  • No need of storage for live streaming: WHIMS can collect information through diagnostic devices reading and upload the information into the service management module.
  • Can work without internet up to the last mile: It can be collected offline and stored, and uploaded later to the central server when internet connection resumes.
  • Supports live streaming or video conferencing: This effectively delinks the prerequisite of a person’s presence in real time settings.
  • Multi-device accessibility: iKure’s WHIMS model can be integrated on both PCs/laptops and Android tablets, empowering WHIMS to be location independent.
  • Excel compatibility: All information can be directly uploaded with Excel
  • Low internet speed requirement: iKure’s WHIMS can work on as low a speed as 256 kbps.

iKure’s value added services for effective supply chain

As access to rural remote terrains are difficult caused due to long distances, geographic remoteness, and inclement weather conditions, WHIMS has the power to effectively orchestrate the resource constraint rural settings enabling access to remote customers that are often geographically deprived. iKure has the capability to enhance the supply chain mechanism and implementation of which will improve the functioning and delivery mechanism manifolds. Our technology enhanced services for effective supply chain include:

  • Tracking and Monitoring : Tracking and monitoring mechanism of WHIMS can empower supply chain management to track demand and supply gap in real time. The information stored on WHIMS can be monitored and fed-back into the supply chain management processes to drive better warehouse, distribution management, transportation management, production planning, order collaboration, etc.
  • Facts and Insights : With the capability of WHIMS to generate big data, this data can be leveraged for generating better products that are clearly linked to user needs & consumer behaviour. In addition, using the evidence based evaluation metrics can provide a holistic view of the supply chain in real time.
  • Data analytics : Data Analytics is a critical component for effective supply chain. Enabled with data analytics and predictive analysis, WHIMS would provide increased visibility of relevant data and spot key trends, patterns, and potential distribution within supply chain and plan right risk mitigation strategy
  • Billing Rules Engine : This features of WHIMS offers improved billing system required for effective supply chain. It maintains reports on payment collection, dues and allied services amounts. The financial data can be accessed real time by the management anytime anywhere.
  • Materials & Inventory Management : This feature encompasses purchase and store functions; enabling definition of master data, transactions, transfers, reconciliation, returns and expiry and all types of stocks such as products & inventory.
  • Intended Outcomes : Leveraging the power of technology integration, collaboration with us will bring positive outcomes that include:
    • Enable access to wide network of rural customers at the last mile
    • Enable visibility of stocks, right distribution & negating sales reversals
    • Enable transparent supply chain processes reducing piracy
    • Promote brand visibility of products &services in remote rural pockets
    • Data analytics and predictive analysis to promote holistic view of demand and supply gap on real time

Scope of Collaboration

iKure in collaboration with interested partners will begin by running a pilot project. Through this pilot we intend to conduct baseline survey that will facilitate identification of demand and supply gap within the supply chain and provide insights about end user needs and consumer behaviours that are critical for planning, designing and implementing effective supply chain. Association with us will help to understand and evolve strategic processes within the supply chain system.

Why iKure

With strong clientele base, technological capability and ground experience, we are a leading player in rural healthcare, focussed on making a long term impact. Our integrated technology solution has created a mass level impact in rural communities across six states in India namely Jharkhand, Orissa, Assam, West Bengal, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu. In next 3 years, iKure has plans to impact 8 million lives and extend aggressively in 8 states across India. It has successfully established strategic partnership with 6 Indian and international Academic partners, hospital chain partners with over 250 branches and more than 20 private company partners. With strategic partnerships, network of rural healthcare chains, and community health workers, iKure is creating ecosystem transformation in India’s rural villages creating healthy individuals at the grass root level.

We look forward to working with potential partners on supply chain. And towards this, we would request you to contact us for further discussion and face-to-face meeting.

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