Case Study

iKure mobilizes effective CSR drive in rural Bengal

In OCL’s area of operations, efforts of iKure and OCL bring effective medical care through strategic CSR interventions


The region surrounding OCL plant in district of West Midnapore, West Bengal lies in poor state of condition. This economically backward region of the state has negligible healthcare facilities where villagers are forced to travel long distances to seek basic medical care. Pregnancy and early childhood requires specific healthcare needs, however poor access to care constraints prompt medical interventions leading to increased maternal and child deaths in the region. To address this issue, OCL-iKure social CSR drive sets up regular health camps to deliver life-saving medical care in these villages. iKure CSR camps provides affordable and accessible healthcare services and aids OCL to connect with the community effectively.


With the objective to deliver comprehensive medical care for the socially and economically disadvantaged communities living in and around OCL’s area of operations, The 13-month project has been implemented across 5 villages namely Pathrajuri, Jamdargarh, Station Para (Godapiasal), Kulapachuria-Kamarmudi, and Beucha covering a population of 8,000 tribal and rural villagers. iKure team comprising of one MBBS doctor, one para-medic staff, and two health workers were chosen based on individual experience, prior exposure, and quality of services. OCL management team was included for meetings and consultations for deciding health care service package and fees.


iKure rural health care camps are set up in interior locations of the region. It is supported with a certified doctor available seven days a week, biometric equipments, para medic staff dispensing accredited medicines, and health workers recording data for all activities at the clinics. iKure ensures efficient operations of these clinics by implementing its proprietary software platform Wireless Health Incident Monitoring System-WHIMS. The software has been designed to work in areas with sporadic electricity and internet and supports centralized monitoring of key metrics such as doctor’s attendance, treatment prescribed patient footfall, pharmacy stock management and also enables seamless communication with urban hospitals for consultation and escalation. This integrated supervision allows iKure to maintain its quality of services across rural clinics. iKure’s healthcare operations are supported with unique aspects that include, community mobilization & awareness build up, provide professional care leveraging technology, and data analytics to maximise the impact of services in remote pockets.


iKure health camps encompasses plethora of services to provide holistic health benefits through its health camps. The key activities include:

  • Creating baseline study on socio-economy, malnutrition etc.
  • Messaging towards proper utilization of existing resources to address the nutritional demand of the community.
  • Tracking on behavioural change of the community initiated by the CHWs.
  • Study on epidemiology of that particular area (disease pattern, causes & effect), disease prevalence.
  • Study on occupational diseases if any due to industrial bio-hazard through our health check-ups for the factory workers, healthy work environment and its impact on organizational growth.
  • Creating awareness in community to prevent early marriage and premature child birth.
  • Awareness build up for harmful consequences of early child marriage.
  • Analytical report on various parameters for easy understanding at given point of time.
Services at iKure Health camps:
  • Doctor consultation
  • Medicines for up to five to seven days
  • Clinic data analytics for OCL in addition with regular tracking data
  • Basic diagnostic services such as blood sugar, blood oxygen level (SpO2) etc.
  • Special services ECG, blood test etc.
Specialized Services:
  • Free specialist doctor consultation (Eye, Paediatrics, Gynaecology, child care services etc.)
  • Discounted additional services such as eye glasses, diagnostics exams on demand

Health workers carrying out community mobilization through home visits


OCL management team tested the impact of the health care camps on its stakeholders. It was found that the camps increased the level of accessible and affordable services in the region and led to highly satisfied targeted beneficiaries. iKure’s efficient medical team communicated with the locals in tribal language, which led to increased participation of the community members at these camps. Higher percentage of women footfall than men in these camps shows iKure’s achievements towards greater gender outreach in the community. Community mobilization and awareness building initiatives led to improved health of the concerned stakeholders. iKure’s role as a facilitator is building and nurturing healthier lives in rural communities and fostering positive relationship between OCL and its community members.

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