Dr. Tirumala Santra Mandal, Sr. Research & Communication Analyst, iKure brings forefront her experience in working with the other women of iKure who with her contributed and defined the venture’s entrepreneurial journey, carved new beginnings supported through women power and sisterhood- a must have for every startup culture. Read on… image iKure’s journey over several years has been shaped by countless hands. And few among them are the fearless, prominent, and prolific women, who championed new initiatives at iKure, took away our doubts, stood by us and ushered hope – with support and smile. On International Women’s Day, I take this opportunity to thank them all with immense gratitude.…. I remember the old adage, “A strong women stand for herself, a stronger woman stands for everybody else.” The narrative tells us that over the years, women have transformed and supported other women to rise up and above the rest. At iKure I have had the privilege to experience the participation of such women who stood and supported our journey both externally and internally paving way for success, flourish and thrive. Satoko Kono, Arun LLC, President-Her association with iKure started as an investor from Japan. Her calm and vibrant nature has always amazed me. She is extremely polite, naïve and takes a keen interest in our activities, success, even failure, and impact. Her eye for detail, down-to-earth attitude, and her infectious energy is something that my team always admires whenever she visits them in the field. Shreyshi Dey & Sharmistha Roy, University Of Michigan-They joined us back as VP in Research iKure. Though for a brief period of time, I recall their contribution particularly for bringing up the new iKure logo. I remember, the entire team debated around it, but they were quick and prompt to understand that what we wanted was something that can resonate with the community and reflect our motto. Kudos to them to get it just right! Mallika Rani. Das, CHW Tabageria- One year back, I met her in our Tabageria Hub. Draped in green saree, the uniform she adorns was sited among other CHWs who were getting ready to start their day’s job with door-step visits. I asked her, can you tell me what exactly you say when you visit our beneficiaries. In the next minute, the way she introduced us with a brief narrative of iKure’s mission left me amazed. While few of her fellow mates have left, but she remained with us, sure of the journey that brought her more value and respect than anywhere else. Today she handles new devices, screens patients and counsels women like a PRO. Way to go! image Gayatri S. Achari, Project Assistant-I am inspired by her continued faith and dedication towards her job. She has been a valuable member of iKure’s initiatives in Karnataka. She would often tell me, how she has become an inspiration for her family. Many pregnant women in her community preferred consulting her rather than a doctor. She told me, how working for iKure has helped her gain such respect for herself. I learned from her, it is important to love what you do, rather how you do. It adds value to work in many ways. Shwethnisha Bose,Parswati Das, Ritika Singha Roy, Riya Das, & Debleena Ganguli, Kanika Das, Technology, Operations, Research developer – The current women brigade of iKure are known for multitasking, promptness, emphatic and carrying never- say-no attitude towards their deliverables. During my daily course of interactions with them, I found them immensely passionate, braving all-odds at personal fronts and making new narratives of women co-working, co-learning and supporting each other which very few workplaces can even boost. They are responsible for bringing customized technology solutions across borders, operational acumen, in-depth impact reports, and excellent designing skills. You guys rock! image Avanti Gomes, Trainee at iKure- The young women from the University of Technology, Sydney proved that you should never undermine the young minds, making us believe once again, good things come in small packages. Her insights and deep understanding of iKure’s operations were well researched and thoroughly studied. She left behind the thought that there is lot more to women self than meets the eye. Jayanti Santra, My Mother- She is a homemaker, but a cheerleader for iKure. She raised both of her children with a wider perspective in life. Both our parents have been always supportive of our decisions and taught us to value others, be courageous and self-reliant. Her immense belief and faith in me helped me overcome my self-doubt whenever I felt low & timid. Sarah Santra, My sister-in-law- This narrative would be incomplete without mentioning her about her support towards iKure. While her husband, the CEO travelled extensively, she managed the home front with Élan, and we all know, it is no less than managing an empire. I admire her playing a pivotal role in beautifying the office ambiance with her intricate designing and styling sense which goes without saying is much valued for. She helped me understand the bigger picture of life and admiring the fact that we stand for each other when needed. More power to sisterhood. image iKure has been led by many other peers, trainees, partners whom I could not mention here due to word limits, but they are truly our cheerleaders, importantly helping us become one of the very few start-ups acquire immense acceptance and global recognition within a short span of time. We value each one of- you and look forward to having onboard more women power to inspire and support us ahead! Dr. Tirumala Santra Mandal, Sr. Research & Communication Analyst
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