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COVID-19: Initiatives from iKure


COVID-19 pandemic has created significant disruptions globally and presented multiple challenges for healthcare providers. We at iKure, have been working on multiple initiatives to address some of these challenges.

This article briefly presents some of the initiatives from iKure.


    • 1. COVID Awareness & Counseling

      The solution from iKure involves creating mass awareness through a combination of IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and iKure Health App. The information shared is in strict compliance with Government protocols and available in the local languages. The contents focus on the following areas:

• Measures on social distancing
• Hand washing hygiene & procedure
• Understanding symptoms of COVID-19 and taking adequate measures
• Awareness building to seek doctor’s consultation
• Addressing phobia around quarantines and self isolation
• Address mental distress & anxiety
• Questionnaire for self assessment based on symptomatic behavior
• Questionnaire to assess awareness level

In order to drive the mass awareness and counseling, iKure has developed an initiative to train frontline health workers on a Train-The-Trainer approach. These Trainers will in turn train area volunteers/ representatives. These trained members will be deployed in the identified areas for awareness, counseling and identification of high risk members. The Train-The-Trainer training can be done remotely using iKure Health App.



    • 2. Telemedicine App from iKure

      iKure Telemedicine App will enable patients to schedule consultations with remote Doctors. Frontline health workers who visit the patients at their homes can facilitate this engagement. A typical workflow of the Telemedicine App from iKure is briefly described below:

      • The patient registers on the App either on his own or with assistance from the Community Health Worker (CHW) visiting his home.
      • Patient can request an appointment for doctor consultation on his own. The CHW can also request an appointment with the doctor. This will generate a queue.
      • The doctor gets a notification of the call request in his App and based on his availability can accept/reject the request for the telemedicine call
      • For a follow-up consultation for an existing patient, the Hospital might already have access to the patient’s medical records. If not, the patient can scan and upload his last prescription and test results.
      • For a new patient, a CHW can visit the patient’s place on a scheduled time, collect basic vitals, enter them in the iKure App and then schedule a call with the doctor. The patient or CHW can check the status from their App.
      • Internal triggers in the App can send notifications for medicine and vital alerts to the patient.
      • The Doctor will be able to view patient details before, during and after the call. This includes demographics, vitals and clinical information such as prescriptions and results.
      • The doctor can enter the prescription in the App and this can be viewed by the patient or CHW.

    • 3. COVID-19 Health Intervention Program
      The intervention will focus on awareness, counseling and screening for Corona Virus. It is preferred to handle this intervention by conducting a general health camp. If this is not possible, the intervention can be done through home visits by ASHA (Accredited Social Health Activist) and ANM (Auxiliary Nurse Midwife) workers. The specific services to be delivered through the intervention include:


      • Patient registration
      • Measurement of patient vitals – Body Temperature, Blood Pressure, Height, Weight, Body Mass Index, Pulse Rate, SpO2
      • Patient screening & identifying high risk patients for COVID-19
      • Referring high risk patients for further laboratory tests
      • Doctor consultation (face-to-face or through telemedicine)
      • Providing medicines to patients as per the diagnosis made by Doctor
      • Patient counseling & awareness on COVID-19
      • Issuing iKure Health Screening Card

  • 4. iKure Population Health Management System

    iKure has a proprietary population health management system called WHIMS (Wireless Health Incident Monitoring System). WHIMS is a medical collaboration platform and can integrate the various stakeholders in the primary healthcare ecosystem including patients, doctors, frontline health workers and primary healthcare clinics.Deploying WHIMS in a region can provide a framework for predicting disease outbreaks, notifications to seek medical help and tracking the spread of diseases.

    The key features of WHIMS include the following:

    • Create a clinical database (Electronic Medical Record) of the population in the identified area
    • Provide a technology platform for primary healthcare players in the identified area and enable them to provide better healthcare services focusing on continuum of care
    • Enable Community Health Workers (CHWs) in data collection from the patient’s home, arrange telemedicine calls and get prescription alerts
    • Doctor’s can view patient details including clinical history and enter details of consultation and prescription
    • Patients can view reports, book services online and get consultations through telemedicine
    • Integration with medical devices and wearables
    • Integrate with 3rd party AI (Artificial Intelligence)/ML (Machine Learning) applications for predictive analytics
    • Serve as a technology platform for stratification of population, identification of high risk patients and prioritize testing & screening for the most vulnerable population
    • Provide a platform for implementing priority health intervention programs

About iKure: iKure ( is a healthcare technology startup that delivers primary healthcare, wellness, and prevention services to communities in India through digital technologies, trained frontline health workers, a network of Hub & Spoke Clinics and focus on a continuum of care. iKure focuses on addressing the primary healthcare needs across all settings – rural, semi-urban and urban areas.

Rahul Chatterjee
Chief Growth Officer, iKure

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