Peace Proposal

The challenges facing society—a global pandemic, the climate crisis, social and political upheaval, and inequality—are happening at a time when there is a significant trust deficit, and in large part because of it. The implicit social contract between institutions and individuals has frayed.

And we’ve seen the results first-hand. So, the first step in any healing and rebuilding is the reestablishment of trust.

Trust is a relationship in which we are vulnerable to others’ actions—a relationship in which we are not just relying on the other party to do what we want; we are trusting them to do what we want and not hurt us in the process. This means that the poor and downtrodden must feel safe that you will not be inflicting any further misery. Trust goes much beyond following the letter of the law, it is about setting high standards. It is about replacing every iota of greed with purpose. It is about being the change that we want to see and service before self. It is about enabling the best minds and action and service before self. It is about leadership. It is about listening and then acting. It is not about imposing one`s ideas on others, but about letting the people speak. Though the wounds inflicted are medical in nature, it is not about treating, but about healing, it is about the person and not the patient. It is about empathy and humility that we do not know everything, but we shall work with you and find solutions. It is about being sensitive and feeling the pain and misery of others and about giving.

To win the trust of the population at large, all teams, groups or companies must first establish trust among each other and establish purpose. It is about breaking down barriers and silos and reaching out to one another and filling in any deficiencies that the other may have. It is about helping people introspect, meditate, dig deep and bring solutions themselves. It is about building human connections. It is about enabling bringing the whole selves into society. It is about accepting imperfections and making people believe that it is alright to fail. It is about providing people psychological security and its not just about the winners, its also about the people who put in effort and did not succeed. Its about celebrating the little goodness and throwing away the not so good.

This must start from the top and the leadership must by example. We must define leadership as looking after the person to the left and the right of you and win them over with honest deeds. It is important to look at the bigger picture and the haves need to look after the have nots and one must give till it hurts. Greed and hate will only beget destruction which will come back to engulf us. Leaders need to sheath swords, silence war drums and become the missionaries of peace. We should speak the language of humanity, in a language that people understand.

At iKure, we not just hire, but work with people who are aligned with our core values and believe in being good and doing good. We believe in each other and our drive is purpose and not wealth. We believe in managing and healing the whole human being and therefore we are working with like minded musicians and artists to build purpose and community cohesion.

We believe that vaccination is important for our future survival and are making an effort not just to immunise our own team but people in far flung areas where the supply chain may not reach. We are collaborating with government and non-governmental bodies in not just providing medical help but also improve the social determinants like Income and social protection, Education, Unemployment and job insecurity, Working life conditions, Food insecurity, Housing, basic amenities and the environment, early childhood development, social inclusion and non-discrimination, structural conflict, access to affordable health and services of decent quality.

Going by the plight of the migrant labourers, it has now become imperative to find employment near the place of residence, which will mean working with the people and develop a love for their own land and identity and making the villagers to be self sufficient and develop business models for them to thrive. The enormous indigenous wealth in the villages needs to be tapped, which is sustainable and green.

As much as the pandemic has been a cause for death, despondency and destruction, there has also been increased amount of collaboration, cooperation and resilience. People have gone out of the way to help their neighbours and in this strife, there have emerged stories of compassion that have given hope. With digitalisation and less consumption of fossil fuels, there has been gross improvements in the environment. For the first time we have been able to breath fresh air.

We at iKure are committed to continue breathe this fresh air and are committed to do what it takes. We are people with courage, empathy and humility and healers of the mind, body and soul who look at the holistic approach to healthcare and combine the tradition with the modern. We combine human touch with technology and believe in the user experience of both the healers and the healed.

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World Heart Day


This Day is observed on 29th September every year, to commemorate the great role this organ plays in the human system.

On this day …we must make a pledge to create and sustain a heart-healthy environment, by adopting healthy choices in our day to day lives,supplemented with a basic knowledge profile,in order to live longer with a happily beating heart, free from disease but loaded with a zest for life !

The Global Scenario…….more than 17.3 million deaths occur every year from cardio-vascular diseases. Acute Coronary Syndromes(ACS)….the lead members being Acute MI and Unstable Angina…cause a vast No. of unprepared and sudden strikes….with high morbidity and spite of getting the best state of the art treatment facilities today…which are largely preventable !

The recent trends in the cardio-vascular morbidity profile are Coronary Artery Disease ( Ischaemic Heart Disease) and complications of Diabetes/Hypertension causing Heart Failure and ultimate gloomy prognosis..physically and financially.

With the above frightful picture in the backdrop, one should follow a guided lifestyle to keep the cardiovascular diseases at bay. spite of a few latest diagnostic modalities and medicines arriving in the scene, to address some of these complicated issues.

Some of the commonly recommended day to day practices/ knowledge based activities could be…

  • Avoid sedentary hours ensuring mobility in the form of 30 mins. of brisk walks a day or engaging in some kind of free hand exercises,to keep the heart pumping healthily. At office..getting up a frequent no. of times from long sitting sessions and standing, ensures non-sedentary attitude of oneself.
  • STOP smoking and drinking alcohol…in totality. Damage done by smoking cannot be undone but further damage can be prevented. Maintain a steady body weight appropriate to your age and body frame.
  • Rule out Diabetes/Hypertension/Dyslipidaemia by regular blood checks and consulting a physician at a certain periodicity.The idea is to know one’s numbers on these parameters and keep a track of your progress.
  • Staying away from excess consumption of the THREE white dietary scourges….salt/sugar/white flour.
  • Relying on more of vegetable produce and to cut down on organ meat like red meat and meat of bigger animals. If Non-veg fare is the preferred one…then to insist on fish/lean meat (Chicken-minus the skin)/fewer no. of eggs/skimmed milk etc.
  • Never to skip any medication advised by Doctors and to know the warning signs of immediately seeking medical care at a Hospital,if need be.
  • Women after their menopause are more prone to Heart Attacks than men of similar age because of the sudden withdrawl of the ‘oestrogen’ protection that they have been enjoying throughout their reproductive years !
  • People suffering from Diabetes are very prone to have SILENT Heart Attacks (without the typical chest pain) thereby posing more danger in the delay of recognition of the impending emergency and crisis and hence an uncertain morbidity and case fatality.
  • One should be aware of the usual/common symptoms of an impending/onsetting Heart Attack ( Acute MI) ..such as the ubiquitous Chest Pain-not subsiding with usual medication for coronary artery dilatation and /Difficulty in breathing/unusual sweating with/without discomfort/referred pain to left upper arm and left jaw/upper back,upper abdomen/ etc. and to seek medical help instantaneously.
  • Never to ignore any/all of the above symptoms as attacks of Acidity..!!!
  • A proactive and preventive Health Check to rule out any of the heart affections, is a perquisite to a healthy and disease free life for oneself and the family members.
  • Pregnancy needs to be properly followed up at Anti-natal care to exclude cases of “Pregnancy induced Hypertension” (PIH) and its complications.

Wishing all a heart healthy Life today and beyond………

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